Coral Morphologic is a scientific art endeavor comprised of marine biologist Colin Foord and musician Jared McKay. With the radially-symmetric corallimorph polyp as our muse, we explore the visionary potential of living coral reef organisms via film, multi-media, and site-specific artworks from within our coral aquaculture laboratory in Overtown, along the Miami River.

Since our inception in 2007, we have been documenting the surprising diversity of corals that have pioneered into Miami’s urban waterways; opportunistically colonizing man-made infrastructure and human debris. Our exploration of Miami has thus far yielded two species of soft coral new to science, and a rare hybrid coral that displays exceptional qualities for coral reef restoration purposes. We hypothesize that many of the biological secrets of coral survival may be contained within these tenacious and adaptive ‘urban corals’, and are therefore priceless in value.

Coral Morphologic’s artwork focuses on the overlapping similarities between Miami’s subtropical coral reefs and the City itself, both of which are dependent on the Gulf Stream and its warming current for their vitality.

Our current objective is the ‘Miami Coral Rescue’ which involves the careful transplantation of hundreds of corals that have colonized Government Cut channel. Otherwise these corals will be dynamited and dredged to make way for the ‘post-Panamax’ ships of our city’s future. With these rescued specimens, we will transplant, aquaculture, research, and document these corals in a body of work titled ‘Coral City’ that will attempt to mythologize Miami’s corals as perspective-changing organisms of the future.

In order to help us accomplish these goals, we are mentoring a team of University of Miami marine biology students in the art of coral aquaculture; a subject of study we believe to be indispensable for all coral biologists in the 21st century.

Coral Morphologic’s vision of an ‘Aquacultural Transformation’ in Miami is generously supported by the Knight Foundation. Tax-deductible donations can be made to support our mission through the Coral Morphologic Fund (managed by the Miami Foundation) and will be matched by the Knight Foundation.

<em>Artificial Reef, Aquacultural Transformation, Miami Coral Rescue </em> projects
Grantee: Artificial Reef, Aquacultural Transformation, Miami Coral Rescue projects

University of Miami
Partner: University of Miami

Jared McKay <em>(left)</em> Colin Foord <em>(right)</em>

Coral Morphologic: Jared McKay (left) Colin Foord (right)